balcony view



There may be only 36 apartments and garages but between them they have 136 gutters.

Global warming? - fret not! By the time the sea is lapping at the lowest point of our boundary, the cross on the dome of St Paul's Cathedral will be 10 metres below the surface.

Regrettably, Caterham Cars has moved from Caterham since the apartments were built.

Succombs Hill is the steepest hill inside the M25 although the apartments are also accessible from a rather more level road, Westview Road.

Sir Joseph Swan, inventor of the incandescent lightbulb, was living in Overhill, Warlingham at the time of his death in 1914. He is buried in All Saints Churchyard. For those who are interested in even more useless info, follow this link and search for Overhill.