Sidevine Ltd : Succombs Place is managed by Sidevine Limited. The company was founded in 1982 by the development company, J. P. Whelan Homes Ltd. Sidevine is run by a Board of Directors all of whom own apartments at Succombs Place. All apartment owners are shareholders in Sidevine Ltd and are thus eligible to be voted onto the Board of Directors. Sidevine is the landlord of Succombs Place.

estate treesLease: As with all similar estates, there is a Lease which stipulates many points that all residents are legally obliged to observe. The lease is broadly similar to those applied to all such developments and was written by the solicitors of the company which built the estate.

The original lease expires in 2107. Some flatowners, like me, have had their leases extended to 2197. Those of us with the extended leases don't pay an annual land rent. Those with the original leases have to pay a tiny amount each year.

Maintenance charge: This covers all the standard things. Garden maintenance, external decoration of the estate every four years, insurance of the buildings (but not contents) et cetera. The annual payment is divided into two 6 monthly payments. Ever since the apartments were occupied, the owners have agreed that the maintenance charge should contain sufficient safety margin that we never have to pay an extra amount for unexpected events. It has worked like a dream.

AGM: All leaseholders/shareholders (flat owners not tenants) are invited to and encouraged to attend the AGM. Directors are elected at the meeting. Notification of the meeting is given in writing well in advance of the meeting. Minutes are distributed to all owners/shareholders.